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Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Artistic Guide to Concept Design Pt.1

The Mind Behind Your Eye is an artistic guide to concept design shown through my extensive period of work as a professional concept artist with in the entertainment industry. The follow blogs explains my approach, method and theory of what being a concept artist means.

Who is a Concept Artist?
A person who specializes in creating original visual ideas, typically for movies, video games and theme parks. Not every artist is a concept artist. The difference is you are intellectual property. It takes many years to establish credibility as an artist with a vision. Every time you’re at bat you must hit a home run to continue being thought as a visionary. Everyone has one great idea but a concept artist must be an open faucet with many ideas. Visual story telling is an important part of your profession.

After all concept artist are also:
  • Visionary
  • Artistic author
  • Shepard of a project
  • The go to guy for all artistic guidance
  • Art direction
  • The mind behind ideas
  • Industrial designer
  • Engineer

Train your mind: I often listen to classical music while exploring new ideas for style, mood and emotion. Emotion? Yes, your concept art must tell a story and project an emotion to the viewer as part of show casing your vision to others. Why classical music? In a sixty piece orchestra every musical note will represent a line with in your illustration giving your art work a new dimension that has meaning and a foundation for bring out emotion. Part of being a concept artist is identifying the who, what, when and where and training your mind will assist in your journey of exploration of new ideas.

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