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Friday, October 17, 2008

An Artistic Guide to Conceptual Design Pt.3

Thumbnail to Quick Sketch: Warm up your mind by loosening your hand. Your hand is a tool and an extension of your mind. Use a blue pencil and start sculpting the paper lightly with large hand motions. Do it quickly and think of the continuous line flow as being feminine verse being a masculine line or masculine verse feminine.

A feminine line is a curve
A masculine line is with an angle

A quick sketch is planting a creative seed style and for story ideas to come. This stage is really the fun stuff. This is where your mind explores all kinds of possibilities no matter how abstract.

Composition: Use a line of motion to construct your thoughts to story. You are the host of your world and must guide your guest through your ideas with a pleasing look.

Do a black and white over your sketch because color tone also defines an illustrations composition at its base form.

Think: object, size and relationship

Prospective: Take on a different perspective, trash your rulers. Numerous prospective points will only anchor your creative thought. Be committed to your idea not your vanishing points.
Think of the paper as a 3 dimensional space and not flat. This 3 dimensional plane is your stage and should have a movable horizon line until you know your environment is telling the whole story. I like to tell a story by drawing out long pans with a 360 perspective that tells a narrative story right to left or left to right.

Clean Line: Commit to your thoughts and the lines will commit to your ideas. A clean line represents commitment and authority. This shows you are in control of your world and not afraid to share it.

Color Comps: Art is emotion; color to ideas is like strings to a violin. (refer to my previous post for explanation) Both will bring out emotion to your audience when composed in the right prologue. A color comp is quick and NOT a full illustration with effects or heavy contrast etc. Use a marker or digital paint, even a crayon is an artist tool which can show your audience the path your planing to go down. These quick comps will also give a first glimpse of mood and bring you closer to a defined style.

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I stumbled across your blog quite by accident and glad I did...amazing photos!!

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personal art
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